Will My Diastasis Recti Ever Close?

Exercise after C Section
Diastasis Recti is a complex injury and the mechanism of closure isn’t cut and dry

I have many, many clients who have done, Restore Your Core, and closed their Diastasis Recti but still have a pooch. It is super confusing to them because I think we automatically think that once the Diastasis Recti is closed – the abs are flat.

That is not true and that’s why I never, ever try to sell flat abs. These clients are functional but still have a belly. With a Diastasis Recti the entire muscle system of the core is affected. This also affects digestion, which in turn affects other systems. Not to paint a bleak picture, but to be realistic that healing takes time and then some more time.

Connective tissue heals super slow, for example ankle sprains can take years to actually heal. Also, each body presents differently. Some women with a lot more ab fat – close their Diastasis Recti and their abs look flat again. Some women who are super thin – close their Diastasis Recti and still have a belly.

Closing a Diastasis Recti doesn’t equate to flattening the abs. We are sold that idea again and again and it’s not fair. It is important to effectively train your core (you can read about how in this article) but there is no formula, no blueprint, no one way healing looks. How deep a Diastasis Recti is seems to be a very big factor. The deeper the gap – not wider – the longer it can take to close.

Here is What Helps Close a Diastasis Recti:

  • A program like, Restore Your Core, to learn proper core loading strategy and encourage the whole body to take part in healing and getting strong.
  • Diet modification because for many, digestion is affected so certain foods are no longer tolerable. I’m not a dietician and don’t make recommendations but intermittent fasting, no sugar and no gluten has done wonders for many of my clients.
  • Adding more load (once done with a rehab program like Restore My Core ) in the form of weights and harder moves.
  • Myofascial release with an expert on the core system. Barnes and Rolfing are great systems. This is a huge component for many.
  • Cardio!
  • Ditching the fear of movement and changing mindset about outcome and expectations.

If you want a more visual explanation, I encourage you to watch my Facebook video on the subject.

Also, make sure to check out my video: “5 post Cesarean Birth Exercises” to rebuild core strength, specifically in the lower abdominals. These exercises can be done by anyone who wants to wake up the core appropriately and begin rebuilding that core strength.

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"Before RYC I used to think that, when you have a diastasis recti, you are doomed to do very few boring exercises, that you have to close your gap, and that you should avoid lifting weights and doing cool stuff. None of this is true: RYC has taught me to move my body correctly in every movement I do, and I can finally practice different sports knowing the variations that will not put my core at risk, plus I can lift my heavy children without feeling pain!
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