The RYC teacher training is a master training for any yoga, pilates, fitness or movement teacher who wishes to work with the millions of people who have any form of core and pelvic floor dysfunction.

The training is also open to anyone wishing to be certified as a movement teacher who has no previous background teaching movement. Yes! This means that you will be able to teach movement classes once you are certified.

There are 2 different tracks to certification depending on whether you are an existing movement teacher or if you would like to become a movement teacher.

In this comprehensive training you will learn:
  • How to assess alignment, breath, core, pelvic floor and spinal movement function
  • What type of movement, breath or core protocol to teach once you have done your assessment
  • Basic functional anatomy and biomechanics as it relates to breath, core and pelvic floor function
  • Multiple breath techniques and movement sequences used in RYC.’ to help your client breath and move better
  • How to progress clients with core and pelvic floor dysfunction in a safe manner
  • How to modify almost every exercise in RYC to meet the needs of your client, support and help them progress
  • Language, cueing and scope of practice

Upon completion of the training, you will be able to teach Restore Your Core classes (please see FAQ for more info on that)

The pace of this training will be dynamic and hands on. In addition to learning Restore Your Core movement templates, participants will also:
  • Learn to assess alignment, form, breathing, core and breathing patterns
  • Go through a variety of what-if scenarios
  • Troubleshoot breathing and movement patterns
  • Learn to make connections between body parts and issues present there
  • Break down almost each move in the Restore Your Core Program so your understanding of the pose and the logic behind why we do it is solid
  • Learn how to modify exercises and make them more effective when required


On top of that, graduates of the program will be trained in how to help a client progress through the Restore Your Core stages, gain the maximum benefits from an exercise and progress toward a more functional core. That means that graduates will know how to both assess a client as well as how to use that assessment to help a client progress through the 4 stages of RYC movement (or through a customized program.)

Choose your RYC teacher training location:
Miami, FL
November 5th -8th 2017 Location Details
Prerequisites for attending the RYC™ Teacher Training:
  • Completed the Restore Your Core online program
  • Attend a Restore Your Core Workshop
Track 1 – Requirements for certifying as an RYC™ Teacher  (for existing movement teachers) :
  • Complete RYC™ 4-day Teacher Training
  • 3 Case Studies: These are to be completed post training. They can be a 1-1 or a group class. I offer guidelines to use to write up a summary of your class

For people who are already certified movement teacher the price for the training is $1,999.

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Track 2 – Requirements for certifying as an RYC™ Teacher (for those who are certifying as a new movement teacher):
  • Complete RYC™ 4-day Teacher Training
  • 3 Case Studies: These are to be completed post training.
  • Teach 10 practice hours. These hours will be completed post certification week participants will be given a full set of guidelines for this teaching.
  • 4 Skype sessions with other teacher trainees to review each other’s classes and get feedback for growth as a teacher
  • Complete the Teaching Fundamentals course. (Offered to the TT’s for $300 as opposed to regular price of $799)

For people who are are certifying as a new movement teacher the price for the training is $2,299 and this includes the Teaching Fundamentals course in addition to the TT.

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* More information in the Teacher Training FAQ page

Miami, FL

November 5th -8th 2017

9823 NE 4th Ave. Miami Shores, FL 33138 November 5th -8th 2017, 8:30am - 5:30pm Daily