Restore your Core

Frequently Asked Questions

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Lauren Ohayon   What is Restore Your Core?

Restore Your Core is an Online Program for anyone looking to heal any core and pelvic floor issues. The program laid out in 13 weeks, will retrain your core and pelvic floor muscles to be functional, reflexive, responsive and supportive. Restore Your Core helps you learn to move better, exercise better, uncover movement compensation patterns and create new patterns of strength, mobility, length and support.

Lauren Ohayon   Is there a time limit or do I own it forever?

Yours forever.

Lauren Ohayon   Who is Restore Your Core for?

The Restore Your Core Program is for any woman with core and /or pelvic floor issues looking for a program to help them close their gap, reduce their leaking, and get stronger in their whole body.

Lauren Ohayon   Why should I do Restore Your Core if have diastasis recti?

Restore Your Core targets the issues that cause and worsen diastasis recti (i.e. alignment issues, breathing patterns, muscle imbalances, and too much intra-abdominal pressure).

Lauren Ohayon   How does Restore Your Core work?

Restore Your Core works by teaching your body how to move and exercise properly. Through Restore Your Core’s 13 week program you will learn the importance of proper alignment, breathing mechanics, how to reduce intra abdominal pressure, and how to engage the proper muscle groups to ensure a functional core.

Lauren Ohayon   What is the commitment that I need to make for Restore Your Core to be effective?

Restore Your Core is a 13 week program where every week builds upon the week prior. We recommend 3-5 days a week. Each video is 25-30 minutes.

Lauren Ohayon   Can you do Restore Your Core while pregnant?

You can absolutely do Restore Your Core while pregnant and there is a pregnancy modifications video. I also offer a prenatal program called One Strong Mama.

Lauren Ohayon   Is Restore Your Core easy to incorporate into a busy schedule?

Absolutely, the program can be done on your own time, in your home or on the go, making it easy to build into your already busy schedule.

Lauren Ohayon   I had my child 10 years ago, is it too late to use Restore Your Core to build a functional core?

Restore Your Core can help you rebuild your body no matter how many months or years postpartum you are.

Lauren Ohayon   I just finished Restore Your Core, what should I do next?

Now that you have finished Restore Your Core, you may still be focused on becoming stronger and / or starting to do some higher intensity workouts. Essential Strength is a yoga-based program that many people enjoy after Restore Your Core. For cardio, you will want to check out my program, Conscious Cardio. This program will allow you to get your heartrate up while still focusing on form, allowing you to cultivate strength and endurance.

Lauren Ohayon   Is there any specific equipment I may need during the Restore Your Core program?

The program uses a yoga mat, a towel or blanket for comfort, a half roller, and a strap. Most of these can be substituted for items you have at home: a blanket, pillow, belt.

Lauren Ohayon   How do I get the videos? Do you ship them to me?

All videos and content is available online to download or stream! No DVDs, packages involved. You’ll be able to stream the videos to your computer, phone, tablet and even cast them to your TV.

Lauren Ohayon   What about us living in remote locations with no decent internet service?

All content can be downloaded as well so you’ll be able to practice RYC in the middle of the forest with no wifi if travel opportunity comes.