Lauren Ohayon   Who is Eligible?

- Movement teachers like - Yoga teachers, Pilates teachers, or other certified movement teachers
- Certified therapists like Physical Therapists, Chiropractors, Massage Therapists.
- Anyone wanting to be certified as a movement teacher , taking the New Movement Teacher Track
*Attending a Restore Your Core workshop and doing the Teaching Movement Fundamentals online course is a prerequisite for enrolling in the training.

Lauren Ohayon   What are the Prerequisites for doing the training?

1. Attend an RYC™ weekend workshop (2 day)
2. Completion of RYC™ online program
3. Completion of Teaching Movement Fundamentals Online Course

Lauren Ohayon   How many days is the training?

5 full days of training (approx. 8:30-5:30)

Lauren Ohayon   How much does it cost?

$2,499 for the 5 day training

Lauren Ohayon   What are the requirements to get Certified?

Existing Movement Teachers Track:
1. Complete RYC™ 4-day Teacher Training
2. 3 Case Studies: These are to be completed post training. They can be a 1-1 or a group class. I offer guidelines to use to write up a summary of your class.
3. Complete the Teaching Fundamentals course. (Offered to the TT’s for $300 as opposed to regular price of $799)

New Movement Teachers Track:
1. Complete RYC™ 4-day Teacher Training
2. 3 Case Studies: These are to be completed post training.
3. Teach 10 practice hours. These hours will be completed post certification week participants will be given a full set of guidelines for this teaching.
4. 4 Skype sessions with other teacher trainees to review each other’s classes and get feedback for growth as a teacher
5. Complete the Teaching Fundamentals course. (Offered to the TT’s for $300 as opposed to regular price of $799)

For both tracks, you have 3 months to complete the requirements to be certified.

Lauren Ohayon   What can I do with my certification?

- Teach RYC™ group, private / Skype classes (make sure to adhere to RYC™ guidelines)
- Call yourself a Certified RYC™ teacher

Lauren Ohayon   What else will I be able to do with my certification?

You'll be able to incorporate all of the exercises, assessments, and tools into your other (non RYC™) movement classes. You will know how to help your clients to be more functional and to move with more ease.

You will enable your students em to go through the Restore Your Core stages, move better and have a body that is functional.

Lauren Ohayon   How will people in the RYC™ community and beyond find me?

Your profile will be put on the Teachers section of Restore Your Core on website with your name, address, website

Lauren Ohayon   How can I continue to be supported after the training is over?

You'll get access to a new exclusive Facebook community of RYC™ teachers with support and guidance from myself and other certified teachers. You will also gain access to a monthly live coaching call with Lauren and have access to past calls. You will get %50 off all Lauren Ohayon programs. And finally you will be referred to via our site and on the FB group.

Lauren Ohayon   Is there a test to certify?

Yes, there will be a short test to demonstrate comprehension of material and philosophy.

Lauren Ohayon   What if I fail the test?

It is my goal to ensure that you have a deep comprehension of the material and the expectation is that you will have the tools to pass the test. It is not my goal to fail you and to that end I will do my best to help you grasp the information. If one does in fact fail the test, they will be given a chance to re-take 1 time.

Lauren Ohayon   Is the certification accredited by any fitness organization?

No. Out of choice I do not affiliate with any organization.

Lauren Ohayon   What materials will be handed in the training?

A course manual detailing many of the exercises and protocols taught in the training as well as templates of the Restore Your Core classes.

Lauren Ohayon   How do I maintain my status as RYC™ certified teacher after training ends?

You'll be required to renew your status on an annual basis. Details will be announced but it will involve a renewal of our contract and a small processing fee.

Lauren Ohayon   What do I need to bring with me to the training?

Beside for coming with good spirit, appetite to meet amazing women and stamina to absorb lots of materials you should also have with you: yoga mat, block, strap, half roller, a notebook and a pen.

Lauren Ohayon   What is the "Teaching Movement Fundamentals course" ?

The "Teaching Movement Fundamentals course" is an Online course for teachers to gain a deeper understanding of anatomy and movement. It consists of 8 modules. The topics of these 8 modules are:
- Sacroiliac Joint anatomy and function
- Shoulder anatomy and function
- "Tight Hips" Sequencing
- General body reading and assessment
- Finding your voice as a teacher, learning to listen, setting goals and expectations
- How to modify postures and exercises
- How to sequence a group, private and themed class
- Business building

Lauren Ohayon   What Payment Plan is available for the Teacher Training?

We offer a $299 * 8 months plan. To sign up, please contact and coordinate a payment by phone.