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Restore Your Core is a 12-week online exercise program that is designed by a woman for any woman with core issues such as post-partum issues, diastasis recti (mummy tummy), sneeze pee, and constant back pain. This step by step program is designed to get you stronger, more supple, more balanced, and more able.

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In This Program, You Will
  • Learn a new way to pattern your movements. This will allow you to use these patterns throughout your day NOT just during exercise – hello! whole body healing 24hrs a day.
  • Never be alone. I talk you through the videos with cues in every sequence. You will never have to wonder if you are doing the exercise correctly (phew!).
  • Be challenged and feel like you got a workout while training your body to move correctly in the process. You will change unhelpful postures and habits (no more rounded shoulders, rib thrusting and pelvis tucking).
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Success Stories

Join thousands of women who have had
amazing success with Restore Your Core™!

Shona Bohmer
restore your core
"RYC is hands down THE most effective postpartum recovery program I have done, and I have tried them ALL. The focus is on teaching your body how to move/breathe properly while you're on the mat and on balancing and rebuilding your pelvic floor and the rest of your core, so you DON'T have to obsess about your breathe and movement for the rest of the day (unlike other alignment based programs out there)! It's slow and safe, and the cues are spot on to ensure you are doing the moves correctly, but don't let that fool you, it is incredibly challenging! This program has made me stronger than I have ever been with years of exercise and weight training, even stronger than pre-babies."
Shaked , USA
diastasis recti workout
"Restore Your Core is a kick-ass wake up call! Even if you think you're super strong there is so much to be gained and learned from Lauren's program.RYC meets you where you are; and where you are may surprise you, which is awesome. Get ready to truly understand how your body is functioning, learn the tools to fix it, and be part of an amazingly supportive community that Lauren has built and is actively a part of."
Shayne , Canada
"I know... Function over looks, I figured Mother's Day was a good day to re-measure. When I first started measuring I was 32.5 at belly button. I now measure waist and hips, but today, my belly button was 28.5"! So awesome! The Restore Your Core program is working for me!
Ashley , USA
"Just started RYC Core/Flow 3 yesterday. I'm starting to notice that the longer I do RYC, the more aligned I become. Had a whole day of barely feeling my prolapse :). Lauren, I'm pretty sure this is my answer - Alignment actually works!"
Brenda , USA
"Recently purchased Restore Your Core and can't express enough how much I love it! In just a couple of days, I am feeling and seeing changes. I have been a Yoga teacher for 13 years. ...Lauren Ohayon's program is infusing my personal practice with the missing pieces for my body."
Cathy , USA
"I seriously have been working on this for 3 years and your program and advice has been the only avenue that has helped me to achieve this! I've tried mutu, have seen tons of PT's to help me strengthen my core and i just couldn't make progress.Thank you!!!"
Lauren , USA
diastasis recti workout
"Before RYC I used to think that, when you have a diastasis recti, you are doomed to do very few boring exercises, that you have to close your gap, and that you should avoid lifting weights and doing cool stuff. None of this is true: RYC has taught me to move my body correctly in every movement I do, and I can finally practice different sports knowing the variations that will not put my core at risk, plus I can lift my heavy children without feeling pain!
Elisa, UK

Restore Your Core Helps

  • Relieve
    Back Pain
  • Alleviate Pelvic
    Floor Dysfunction

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Program Includes

  • Forever access to the program and all updates to it
  • 16 Exercise Videos with detailed personal instruction
  • 4 Standing only core classes for times where you might be baby wearing or do not want to get on a mat
  • 24 Educational Videos explaining alignment and giving sequences for a healthy spine and pelvis, optimal breath, ideal core engagement, and more
  • 12 Instructional PDFs that help you understand diastasis recti, the role of your psoas, tips for all day movement
  • Private facebook group for women only, constant access to Lauren herself, and questions answered all the time addressing your personalized struggles
  • Bonus videos, tutorials, tips and classes!

$197 Sign Up Now