Restore your Core
challenge your core

Restore Your Core® is a 12-week online exercise program that is designed by a woman for any woman with core issues such as post-partum issues, diastasis recti (mummy tummy), sneeze pee, and constant back pain. This step by step program is designed to get you stronger, more supple, more balanced, and more able.

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In This Program, You Will
  • Learn a new way to pattern your movements. This will allow you to use these patterns throughout your day NOT just during exercise – hello! whole body healing 24hrs a day.
  • Never be alone. I talk you through the videos with cues in every sequence. You will never have to wonder if you are doing the exercise correctly (phew!).
  • Be challenged and feel like you got a workout while training your body to move correctly in the process. You will change unhelpful postures and habits (no more rounded shoulders, rib thrusting and pelvis tucking).
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Restore Your Core® Helps

  • Relieve
    Back Pain
  • Alleviate Pelvic
    Floor Dysfunction

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Program Includes

  • Forever access to the program and all updates to it
  • 16 Exercise Videos with detailed personal instruction
  • 4 Standing only core classes for times where you might be baby wearing or do not want to get on a mat
  • 24 Educational Videos explaining alignment and giving sequences for a healthy spine and pelvis, optimal breath, ideal core engagement, and more
  • 12 Instructional PDFs that help you understand diastasis recti, the role of your psoas, tips for all day movement
  • Private facebook group for women only, constant access to Lauren herself, and questions answered all the time addressing your personalized struggles
  • Bonus videos, tutorials, tips and classes!

$197 Sign Up Now