essential strength
diastasis recti exercises

Want to be toned and strong? Balanced and supple?

Feel fit, vigorous and healthy without breaking your body down?

Now you can get it consciously, in 8 videos that will give you the challenge you desire with the strength
that you expect. These videos use a combination of yoga, Pilates and Restorative Exercise™ to give your
body the workout it deserves.

We wanted to give you a sample, check out our Essential Strength: Strong Butt online exercise video:


In this program you will:

  • Learn exercises for balanced strength
  • Strengthen your core
  • Tone your glutes,legs and shoulders
  • Learn proper form and alignment that can be applied to any exercise
  • Become more supple all over

This series of videos is designed for those who have an existing movement practice and want to be able to practice a challenging workout in a safe and balanced way. These videos are not for beginners, rather they are for seasoned movers and shakers who are looking to enhance or maintain their movement practice.

Essential Strength Helps

  • diastasis recti workout
    Your Core
  • Workout With
    Better Results

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Program Includes

  • 8 videos you can either download or stream from your computer or device
  • 2 flow videos- a long one & a short one and 6 videos 20-25 minutes offering an array of exercises for your whole body
  • A companion PDF with alignment and posture info and a glossary of terms
  • 1 month unlimited follow-up emails

$79 Sign Up Now