Conscious Cardio
diastasis recti exercises

A functional, bodyweight-based, strength building, core enhancing Cardio workout.

Conscious Cardio is a fun, challenging, and engaging program for those who love to sweat but do not want to damage their bodies with their workouts. Slow enough to focus on form, fast enough to get your heart rate up and feel the burn – all while cultivating strength and endurance.

Conscious Cardio is a thoughtfully curated program blending functional movement, some yoga and pilates and is customized for optimal form, strengthening and conscious movement choices. Most of the exercises have a modified version so you can be sure to stay at your level as you workout. Perfect for absolute beginners or longtime workout fans.

Conscious Cardio is perfect for you if:

  •  You love to sweat and get your heart rate up but don’t want a lifetime of injuries just to ‘feel the burn’
  • You’ve been tempted to do cardio but are afraid of making your diastasis recti or pelvic floor issues worse
  •  You want a workout that is going to strengthen your weaknesses and make you feel good in your body
  •  You don’t have hours every day to get your work out in
  • You want a cardio supplement in addition to your alignment and core work


Conscious Cardio consists of four 20 minute workouts with increasing intensity and 1 express 10 minute workout plus a Cheat Sheet PDF showing you ideal form for most exercises. Remember most of the moves have a modified version too so no-one gets left out.

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Conscious Cardio complements Restore Your Core perfectly. The moves are challenging and fun and it doesn't feel like a typical cardio workout at all.
Jaqueline , USA
Conscious Cardio is a great way to get your cardio in while building whole body strength and stability! It also makes me feel so good physically and mentally!
Lauren , USA
I've been an avid runner and tennis player for most of my life, but the impact of the pavement has taken it's toll on my knees. This class not only gives me a non-damaging, low impact cardio session, but it's even strengthening the supportive muscles around my knees. I also enjoy the pacing of the movements and intervals. Overall, it's been very easy to fit into my day and I'm very happy that I purchased it.
Lora , USA
Conscious Cardio is by far one of my favorite workouts. The workouts are short and easy to fit into my busy schedule and I find myself looking forward to doing them. Lauren's explanations of how to do the moves correctly are very informative and she offers a lot of invaluable insight into how to move your body in the best way possible. CC has changed the way I think about exercise. I love it!
Nicole Marie , CA
Conscious Cardio has been a godsend for me. I gave up all forms of high impact exercise when I hit middle age as they were jarring my knees and hips. I thought my exercise days were over until Lauren released CC. Now I can exercise safely and consciously without damaging my body. CC has been my saviour and gives me hope that my body will become strong again.
Sandie , UK

Conscious Cardio Helps

  • Workout With
    Better Results

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Program Includes

  • 4 x 20 minute Exercise videos
  • 1 x 10 minute Express workout video
  • PDF with most exercises explaining form and alignment
  • Most exercises modified on camera with explanation

$108 Sign Up Now