Hi, I’m Lauren Ohayon

I am an internationally recognized Yoga + Pilates teacher specializing in core and pelvic floor issues. I've been teaching for the past two decades.

I create Online exercise programs that are challenging, unique, safe, sustainable and life-changing.

In addition to Yoga and Pilates I also certified as a Restorative Exercise Specialist™, in Neurokinetic Therapy® and in Anatomy in Motion.

The web site Holy Shift Yoga was my first online baby and has since become this web site under my own name. Nothing has changed but the name. Welcome.

I Will Help You

  • Have a functional core so that your movements do not wreck your body or cause you to compromise when you exercise.
  • Strengthen your body effectively and efficiently in order to be able to workout with great results and move without compensation.
  • Understand, activate, and strengthen your pelvic floor so that sneezing, running, jumping and coughing do not cause you to leak.
  • Learn exercises to close your diastasis recti, strengthen your core and improve your pelvic floor function.
  • Check out the Tips section for videos and strategies for dealing with diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, back pain and to learn how to workout with great results.

My Offerings

  • The Restore Your Core® Program is for women with any core or pelvic floor issues looking for a program to help them close their gap, reduce their leaking, and get stronger in their whole body.
  • Challenge Your Core is the next level after RYC®. It is for anyone who has completed RYC® or another rehab program and is looking for a bridge back to harder, more intense, loaded workouts. It takes the workouts up to a whole new level while staying totally core and pelvic floor safe.
  • RYC® Prime is a subscription-based workout platform. There are classes in 4 categories: Cardio, Flow, Strength and Restore as well as featured teachers. All classes are core and pelvic floor safe as well as fun, engaging, thoughtful and many are very sweaty! It is designed for anyone who has completed a core rehab program like RYC® and wants to workout without needing to worry that it is not appropriate.
  • The Restore Your Core® Teacher Training is an extremely comprehensive whole body + core + pelvic floor movement training. No experience needed as a teacher. Students will learn to assess their client from feet to head and create movement classes that are effective, tailored and unique.