A Flat Belly with Diastasis Recti

Flat bellies with a Diastasis Recti. This is a topic that comes up almost every week in the form of an email or a post on my free Facebook group, Restore Your Core Community. I completely understand the desire to have a flat belly. I get how frustrating it is to have had a child and to have not been able to get your body back. Here are some common issues/topics and my answers to them.

Belly fat has nothing to do with having a Diastasis Recti or not.

You can have belly fat and no Diastasis Recti or a flat belly with a Diastasis Recti. My 13-week step by step online program, Restore Your Core, works on core function. It works to optimize the core system so that your body is supported and can be resilient and strong.

You can have a very functional core and have belly fat. If you are not happy with your belly fat then you need to add cardio, strength training and diet modifications. If you have a Diastasis Recti or pelvic floor issue, you want to be very wise about your exercise choices.

You need to be clear on how to engage your core properly and confident that you will not open your gap more. A ton of athletes come to me with a Diastasis Recti having a flat belly. A toned belly does not spare anyone a Diastasis. In fact, a toned belly can be one of the main reasons for the Diastasis as the tight abs cannot yield pregnancy so they rip.

Stretched skin has nothing to do with a functional core.

It does however, have everything to do with skin elasticity. Diet and exercise might help but again is not to be confused with having or not having a functional core. It is about how skin reacts to being stretched. While many women with a Diastasis Recti also have stretched skin, many women with stretched skin do not have a Diastasis Recti.

I will summarize by saying that I did not create Restore Your Core to be able to enable women to have a flat belly. My goal for women is function. As a woman who is a body positive advocate, I respect and support all choices, but I do not base my programs around a look. I want you to be strong enough for life, for activities, for your confidence.

I do have my Conscious Cardio program because I love cardio, dance, movement and intensity too. It can be a great stepping stone to other, more intense workouts but the foundation is essential. A flat belly is not a foundation. It means nothing as far as foundation goes. It means a lot as far as other things go to some people and that is completely amazing and fine but RYC™ is about foundation and strength.

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